Breast plastic surgery: the most popular surgeries

In search of beauty, a woman agrees to everything: even under a knife at a plastic surgeon. And the chest is exactly the place that attracts the attention of both men and beautiful ladies. The statistics are relentless: only 5% of women aged 18 to 45 are happy with the look of their breasts and almost everyone believes they would change that if they had the chance. Some a little, and some would completely abandon their natural in favor of the ideal, like the model on the cover of a great magazine. What is breast plastic surgery and what issues bother ladies who are ready to decide on a transformation?

Breast plastic surgery: how can doctors help?

the doctor offers breast augmentation implants

The vast majority of women try to enlarge their breasts, and it is with this request that thousands of ladies turn to plastic surgeons every year. However, in some cases, an overly massive bust brings discomfort, and they ask, on the contrary, to reduce it. Sometimes, after giving birth, the breasts become relaxed, and the woman is insecure, because in order for no one to find out about her problem, she has to wear a bra all the time. However, it is not possible to hide that through intimate communication. Another problem is the asymmetry of the mammary glands, and in this case doctors have ways to help the woman. And finally, the important thing is the appearance of the nipples: they are what make the bust attractive. Sometimes the shape of the nipples (inverted, asymmetrical) deprives the breasts of charm, even if its size corresponds to the generally accepted parameters of female beauty.

breast augmentation

the girl shows a small and enlarged breast by plastic surgery

Breast augmentation is the most common operation performed on this part of the female body and occupies a leading position among all plastic procedures. Why is that? The answer is simple: the beauty of the bust for many is the key to success with the opposite sex. Indeed, the shape of women's breasts is important for men, but this issue is purely individual: some are crazy about small breasts that make them feel their partner is an innocent girl, others crave drowning in magnificent shapes, and a third (most of them) adheres. "Golden mean" and want to admire breasts 2-3 sizes.

Breast augmentation surgery is the insertion of a special silicone implant under the breast tissue or under the large chest muscle. There are three types of surgical incisions:

  • Through an incision in the area around the nipple. In this case, traces of cuts and seams can be seen visually.
  • Through the incision along the fold between the chest and the chest. At the same time, the seams are practically invisible.
  • Through an incision in the armpit. It is used quite rarely if it is impossible to implement in the first two areas.

The operation is performed in 2 phases: first, the doctor creates a pocket in which the implant will be placed, and then he inserts a silicone prosthesis into it. After that, sew carefully. The average operation lasts 1, 5 hours. It requires complete anesthesia, so the woman must first undergo an "under anesthesia" examination to minimize the risks during the operation.

In the first days after the prosthesis, the woman will probably not be completely satisfied with the result. The sutures will be bright, swollen for the first few weeks, due to stretching of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, it will feel as if the skin is taut, a pain reminiscent of the same in the first weeks of lactation. Adaptation to the new breast size takes 3-5 weeks, after which the woman's condition usually returns to normal. Rejection of implants is extremely rare: today, modern materials are used that practically do not cause such a reaction. Due to the fact that the silicone prosthesis does not disturb the integrity of the mammary gland, but starts behind it, breastfeeding is acceptable in the future, of course, if it does not cause discomfort to the woman (after all, the bust can reach very large sizes, sometimes pumping will be required).

Breast reduction

measurement of breast volume after plastic surgery

Breast reduction surgery is much less required than breast augmentation. However, even with such a requirement, owners of magnificent shapes sometimes come to the aid of plastic surgeons. Indeed, very large breasts can bring discomfort: the skin sweats beneath it, diaper rash appears, excessive stress on the spine leads to back pain, it is difficult to run, jump and play sports: for this you must wear a tight bra or a special T-shirt. As a result, a woman has to carry two unusual backpacks on the front every day, which sometimes weigh up to 3-5 kilograms.

Breast reduction surgery is performed both at the request of the patient and in the presence of medical indications (in most cases, these are complications of the spine). In that case, the doctor makes an incision around the nipple, or from the nipple down. It can also remove the tissue of the mammary gland itself and the fatty tissue that makes up most of the magnificent bust. Usually these fabrics are taken from the side and bottom in the same volume symmetrically on both sides. You can remove up to 1 kg from each breast at once. If necessary, the operation can be repeated after a few months.

The operation also requires full anesthesia and lasts about 1 hour. After that, the sutures should be removed for 7-10 days and examined by a doctor. Many women experience significant relief, feel rejuvenated, and look forward to becoming more active and mobile.

Breast lift

preparation for surgical breast augmentation

Big breasts are of course beautiful and feminine. However, after childbirth or severe weight loss, it can get not quite an aesthetic look - become relaxed. The fact is that the skin and subcutaneous tissue cannot always shrink, as a result, they stretch and deprive the breast of elasticity. Sometimes stretch marks form on the skin of the breast, which significantly worsens its appearance.

Breast lift surgery is called mastopexy. Its essence is reduced to excision and removal of excess skin and subcutaneous tissue, the mammary gland rises higher and fixes in this new position. Sometimes, along with these manipulations, the shape of the nipples is corrected, which often take on a less aesthetic appearance when the breast relaxes. The operation lasts 2-3 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. After it, there are usually traces of cuts and seams, they are especially visible in the area of the nipples. However, as a result, a woman gets a "rejuvenated" breast, which becomes taller, more elegant and looks much more attractive (of course, men also prefer this option).

The woman can leave the clinic the day after the operation. On the seventh day, a doctor's examination is mandatory. The sutures are removed after 12-14 days. The final shape of the breast takes 3-4 weeks, when the swelling completely disappears.

Plastic nipple surgery

consultation with a doctor before breast augmentation

The beauty of the whole breast depends on the appearance of the nipples. Very often, after childbirth and prolonged breastfeeding, they take on an unusual shape: they become asymmetrical (for example, if a woman breastfeeds for a long time), too large or have an uneven contour. Sometimes such an operation may be necessary for a woman with inverted nipples, in case she cannot feed the baby with milk. Another indication is the removal of the mammary gland, skin and nipple due to the appearance of a malignant neoplasm. In this case, a woman can install a silicone prosthesis and form an artificial nipple at the same time. Sometimes even a man may need nipple plastic surgery if he develops hormonal diseases (gynecomastia).

The operation lasts about 1 hour, and the technique depends on what the surgeons have to fix. It also requires full anesthesia and suture removal for 10-14 days.

Expert comment

plastic surgeon

If you ask passers-by: "What types of plastic surgery do you know? ", 99% of respondents will answer: "Breast augmentation". This is, without exaggeration, perhaps a favorite surgery of both patients and plastic surgeons. The experience accumulated during the years of development of plastic surgery is enormous, it allows you to create conditions for the patient to get the expected result, and the rehabilitation period to be as comfortable as possible. Augmentation mammoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world. It is often combined with breast lift, especially in women who have given birth or have lost a lot of weight.

What else takes women to a plastic surgeon? The desire to feel attractive to men and young people. The female body is beautiful. But after the birth of children and breastfeeding, no cream and no gym will restore a woman's breasts to their previous shape and elasticity. Women are starting to get complex and lose their self-confidence. This makes them uncomfortable undressing not only on the beach, but also in front of their own husband.

For some patients, breast augmentation is a dream come true, for others it is a weapon in the fight against competition watching their beloved man. For breast cancer sufferers, this is an opportunity to feel like a woman! It seems that the operation is one, and so many different patients, destinies and emotions.

Most often, patients who want to have breast implants worry about the following questions: "How to choose the size of the implant? ", "How to choose a surgeon? ", "Anatomical or round implants are better? ", "What approach? ", "How will rehabilitation go? ". In my opinion, the most important thing is to find your specialist, the one you will trust. The surgeon will decide on the remaining issues, because he is responsible for you and your breasts. On this issue, I would advise you to first look at the photo gallery of the doctor's work and, of course, never skimp on the quality of the implants. Read reviews about the surgeon.

The important thing I would like to dwell on is the rehabilitation period. It is important that your surgeon stays in touch with you throughout the recovery process. Many women think that nothing will happen if they break a doctor’s order. Sometimes they do not understand the seriousness of the operation. This is your body, your breasts, your life. And if the surgeon forbade you to make love within 2 weeks after the operation or lift more than 1. 5 kg - there are reasons for that. Primary rehabilitation after implant placement lasts one month. The surgeon performs the last examination one year after the operation.

Be healthy and beautiful!

Plastic surgeon, winner of the international award, best plastic surgeon in mammoplasty 2016, best plastic surgeon in rhinoplasty 2017

"Is it possible to breastfeed after mammoplasty? " - I often hear this question in my consultations. Definitely - yes, because a lot depends on what kind of operation was or will be performed.

In endoprosthetics, ie breast augmentation, the surgeon makes an incision under the breast or armpit. He installs an implant through it. In this case, the doctor does not touch the mammary glands, ie the procedure does not affect the ability to lactate. Moreover, even with an incision along the lower edge of the areola, the gland channels are not incised and the feeding function remains. After surgery, you can even express breast milk. Otherwise, its composition will remain unchanged, because modern implants are made of safe non-toxic material.

There is a myth that implants must be removed during pregnancy. Indeed, in rare cases, there are medical indications for that, because in that position, the breast increases. However, this is a rather special case. Thus, arthroplasty can be done both before and after childbirth.

It does not affect the process of lactation and mastopexy, ie breast lift. It is usually done after childbirth to straighten the breast and give it volume. Such an operation will allow you to feed the baby naturally even after the next birth.

Meanwhile, mastopexy is often confused with reduction mammoplasty. This is a breast reduction operation. Excess skin and fat are removed during it. Patients usually resort to such a wellness procedure in order to get rid of the burden of excess volume of the spine, especially its cervical regions.

Reduction mammoplasty affects the milk ducts, which of course affects the possibility of lactation. But in most cases this is still possible. So, if a young mother is planning one or more children, she can inform a specialist, who will choose the optimal operation.

Most importantly, consult a doctor about any new issues, not girls on online forums. After all, many unconfirmed and frightening myths are born here. But today, thanks to the development of technology, plastic surgery has become much more accessible and safer. Even those girls who are planning to have several more children can have surgery and improve their appearance.