How to do a massage for breast enlargement - 7 types for breast elasticity

A small breast size can be increased by massage

Various types of massage are widely used to improve the external condition of the breast.

This procedure can be performed both in the salon and at home. Both girls and mature beauties are dissatisfied with the size of their bust and dream of increasing it.

Is such an influence on the problem area beneficial to everyone? What do you need to know about massage techniques for breast enlargement and what types of procedures can be used and which are better to refuse? How to make them at home? Let's figure it out.

Advantages and possible harm of the procedure

Massage is beneficial for a woman's breast and contributes to its increase

Light rubbing is definitely beneficial for breasts at any age. Consequently:

  • Massage has a beneficial effect on the skin - it tightens, strengthens and becomes more elastic.
  • Mechanical irritation of the skin in this area leads to beneficial changes in the chest area.
  • Vessels expand, blood supply improves, oxygen flow to tissues increases.

In what case can physical influence be harmful?

At the beginning of the session, it is necessary to do an ultrasound of the mammary glands to make sure that the breast is healthy.Mastopathy, cysts and benign tumors are strict contraindicationsto massage procedures, because they contribute to the growth of neoplasms.

Careful! A clumsily performed procedure stretches the skin and contributes to its relaxation. You should also refuse to continue the massage if your chest hurts after it.

Top 7 massages for breast elasticity and technology for their application

Massage is a good way to improve the firmness of sagging breast skin. Consequently, this is an excellent prevention of sagging skin.It is done with the fingertips.Most often, this area is massaged by stroking, which helps to strengthen the skin, increase the outflow of lymph and relax the nervous system.

1. Greasy

Olive oil for breast massage

It lifts and visually enlarges the mammary glands, makes the skin elastic, moisturizes and nourishes it. Apply after light exfoliation. You can use any vegetable oil for its application.

  • Olive oil with a drop of lemon juice will make the skin smooth and elastic, remove age spots.
  • Grape seed oil perfectly moisturizes the skin.
  • Sea buckthorn oil stimulates the regeneration of skin cells and saturates it with vitamins.

Carefully and attentivelyRub the oil into the skin in circular motions.

Attention!We work with the skin, without affecting the tissue of the gland. We respect the rules of procedure!

2. Water

With the help of a shower, you can perform a massage that increases the bust

It tightens the skin, prevents sagging, visually lifts the breast, increasing it. It can be done in two ways:

  • The first way- with the help of a shower, using water of a pleasant temperature. Important: you should not use hot water, because it helps to relax the skin and make it appear limp. This anti-cellulite massage is performed in circular motions with a strong shower jet for ten minutes.
  • Another way- use of a contrast shower. We start with warm water, replacing it with cold. The effect of hot water should be longer than cold water. Let's finish with cold water. The temperature difference has a great effect on the mammary glands, improves circulation, tightens and strengthens the skin, visually increases it.

3. Hygienic

This type of massagegood to use in the evening after showering.Use peach oil, apricot oil or olive oil for light gliding. If the skin is slow, mix equal amounts of sea buckthorn and sunflower oil.

  1. The first step is caressing.You must start any kind of massage with it. Caressing contributes to the preparation of the breast tissue for other types of massage effects - rubbing and surface kneading.
  2. Next, the rubbingmaking circular movements with the fingertips.
  3. When performing hygienic rubbing, you can use"vibration"- fast oscillatory movements of the palms. Hold your chest with your hand, vibrate the palm of your other hand - it should be directed from the nipple to the shoulder area.
  4. Mixing is done very carefully, grasping only the skin, performing "pinching" movements.

4. Corrective

This option is carried out in the presence of stretch marks or laxity. The technique of this type of massage is similar to hygienic massage.Applying a special cream to the chest before the corrective massageThey are the ones who can remove the fat from the chest.

  1. First, apply a specially selected cream to the skinfrom stretch marks or to lift the bust. All these means must be purchased in a pharmacy and be certified.
  2. Apply the cream and rub it in circular motionsusing your fingertips. The cream is not applied to the nipple area.
  3. Perform gentle patsin the direction from the nipples to the side and then from the nipples upwards.
  4. We finish with caressing movements.We support the chest with one hand, and caress with the other and vice versa.

5. Qi technique

Oriental practices for breast enlargement aim to influence certain points and perform special manipulations. Qi massage helps activate the production of female hormones, and thus breast enlargement.Experts in the field of oriental practices claim that the result will be visible if such influence is constantly exerted.

  1. Qi massage technology starts with warming the hands. To do this, you need to strongly rub your palms against each other, mentally saturate them with positive energy.
  2. Spread your fingers wide and place your hands on your chest.
  3. Rotate each breast in an inward motion.The number of rotations must be a multiple of thirty-six.

This practice can be done in the morning and in the evening.Rotations help in the production of prolactin, which contributes to the rapid increase of the mammary glands.

Attention!Moving in the opposite direction, according to experts in the field of oriental practices, can reduce the size of the breasts.

6. Shiatsu technique

It stimulates the production of female hormones, with the help of which the breasts are enlarged and tightened.

Shiatsu technique is an ancient Eastern practice that consists ofstriking specific points with the pad of the thumb. Japanese Shiatsu acupressure should be performed by a specialist. The procedure is not easy to perform, because it is necessary to act on reflexogenic points that are clearly visible on the atlas. But to find them in each specific person, considerable practice is required.

Points on the body for Japanese Shiatsu massage
  1. First, we act on eight points, which are located in the place of the thyroid gland, near the jugular fossa.
  2. Use the pad of your thumb to gently press each point five times. Pressing time is three seconds.
  3. The next point is located on the back - at the junction of the spine and the skull. The exposure time for this point is five seconds.
  4. The next two points are located above the collarbones. The exposure time for each of them is five seconds.
  5. Then, in the same way, we act on the eight points located above the shoulder blades and on both sides of the shoulder blades.

Attention!Deviation from the reflexogenic points can be harmful or render the stroke completely useless.

7. Use of gloves

Massage gloves for breast enlargement

For such an effect, it is good to use massage gloves, which can be purchased at a pharmacy.You have to pick it up according to the stiffness level.If your skin is sensitive, you can use linen or cotton gloves, and for rougher skin, a natural loofah is suitable.

Such a washcloth will help improve blood circulation and remove dead cells from the surface of the skin.It must be made of natural materials.This breast augmentation procedure is performed with light circular movements from the nipple to the armpit, then from the nipple to the collarbone.

Basic rules for any impact on the bust

The effects of the massage should belight and superficial.Rough exposure is unacceptable - it promotes stretching of the skin and can cause a number of diseases.

  1. The movement should be directed from the nipple to the underarm area, as well as from the nipple to the clavicular region.
  2. It is good to perform the massage in the evening after showering. After that, you need to relax lying down.
  3. Before deciding on a course of massage or self-massage, consult a gynecologist. In case of any breast disease, massaging should not be done.
  4. A massage should be done for breast enlargementin the form of courses of ten to fourteen days, and then make sure to take breaks.

Useful tips

It is unlikely that purely mechanical influences will contribute to the enlargement of the mammary glands. Skin massage is well combined with a contrast shower and a set of chest exercises. Special exercises will help work out the pectoral muscles on which the mammary glands are located. The massage will firm and tighten the skin. These three types of exposure will be ideal - the chest will become lifted and elastic.

The girl increases her breasts with massage procedures

Girls who are underweight can increase their breasts by gaining a certain number of kilograms. The bust is composed of fatty, connective and glandular tissue, so those who suffer from underweight always have flat or very small breasts, because there is no fat layer in them.

Using weight loss diets - be careful!Weight loss always leads to weight loss in the chest area. Rounded female forms suggest the presence of adipose tissue - the bust will not appear "out of nowhere".

In order to increase the breasts, you need to use a special set of physical exercises for the bust along with massage procedures. But does everyone have to do it? Girls believe that small breasts reduce their attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex. In fact, many men are just fans of small busts. A nice posture, spread shoulders and raised chin in the first place increase the attractiveness of any girl, and sometimes the size of her bust does not matter!